Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Giveaway Contest

To celebrate moving my jewelry studio from the Studio Situation on the Northside to a corner in my kitchen (a downgrade, yes, but my pets are happy!) I'm going to have another Jewelry N'at custom giveaway contest. 

The rules are simple: just send me your idea for a custom piece of jewelry n'at, either on my facebook page or on twitter, and you are entered to win. Entries are due by Sunday, Oct 23rd at 8pm. I'll put all the entries in a pile and pick a winner at random, then I'll make your piece and send it to you! 

As always, I prefer Pittsburgh-themed or personalized designs (I'm not going to re-create a piece designed by someone else--I've got an MFA degree, yinz) and I'll be using sterling silver and brass, since I can't afford to give anything away with gold or gemstones (yinz gotta buy those pieces from me)!

My twitter name is @JagoffJewelry and I can be found here on facebook:

If you need ideas, just look through this website and see some of the pieces I've already made!


  1. Good luck to everyone who joined, thank you very much.

  2. I'd like to wish you guys luck, this is definitely worth a shot.