Sunday, August 21, 2011

Take a class with Jewelry N'at

Yinz, yinz, yinz,
I'm going to be teaching some classes on Saturday, Sept 24th and if you've ever wanted to learn some jewelry skills, this is your chance! Here is the info:

Society for Contemporary Craft (in the Strip District)

Piercing Like a Champ with Jewelry N'at 9am-noon
$45 + $10 materials fee (metal, saw blades, tiny drill bits)

Sweat the Small Stuff from 1-4pm
$45 + $10 materials fee
Save $10 if you sign up for both classes!
In the morning class I'll be sharing all my secrets for how to pierce sheet metal, the same way I make all my Pittsburgh-themed Jewelry N'at. You'll be able to design and make your own pendant. In the afternoon class, I'll teach you how to solder your piercing down to a back sheet, to add structure, without a big mess and solder spills. These are beginner level techniques that are super useful at any level! Even master metalsmiths like me use these skills on a regular basis. Feel free to email or comment if you have any questions. To sign up, call the studio folks at Contemporary Craft at 412-261-7003.


  1. Will the focus be word piercing? I've seen others pierce with more abstract scrolling design...but both seem like a challenge for me with a saw! I wouldn't even want to attempt something that said something! Saw the listing in the catalog last night! Looks like a fun challenge!


  2. Hi Michelle, great question! Obviously I love to pierce words, but this class won't be limited to text. It will focus on small piercing, with an emphasis on details and accuracy. I won't lie--piercing is challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless!